Bookish Description Of My Friends

I was immensely thrilled when my best friend, The Shubster Diaries, nominated me for this challenge of writing Bookish Description of Friends in her post where she chose to include a bookish description of me (go check out her post now!). I thoroughly enjoyed reading her post because I always wondered what it would be if anyone described me as a bookish character and well, Shubhangi was a step ahead to let me know. I love the concept because, I am sure just like many people out there, I have also imagined how it would be if certain people would be from inside a book, or if I could be described as a character from a book, and yes that is possible. I think any bookish character description is fascinating because you experience how the character is formed by the authors point of view, with minute observations that a normal person wouldn’t really notice, and you also get to unwind the person’s character as you go further into the story. I am going to keep the following descriptions anonymous but feel free to do guesses, yay. I also urge every other blogger reading this post to take up this challenge and go crazy with your descriptions, would love to read them. 
Friend #1: She lay on her periwinkle blanket, her soft waves of hair ruffling a little with the breeze she let in to embrace her through her open window. Fighting back tears and an excruciating headache, sometimes she found herself tired of being the ever so enthusiastic bubbly self to everyone around her. She aced in lifting everyone’s spirits when she had to, but failed in doing the same for herself. She looked out the window, watching the moon’s silhouette dancing, hidden among all those clouds, let out a hand forward as she wanted to reach out the sky, while her other hand firmly gripped on her camera. The wait to see Mother Luna reflected on her life as the wait she did to be treated rightly, with the love she deserved. Even behind all those questions she imposed on herself, deep down she really wished she wasn’t taken for granted, because she knew she was someone who must be treated with royalty, but from one’s heart. Her hazel brown feline eyes sparkled when the moon finally decided to come out of the clouds and a smile lingered on her tired, beautiful lips. She sprung into action, passionately wanting to capture Mother Luna’s beauty through her camera lenses. As she triumphed in managing to get the best shots, her heart raised and she was overwhelmed with the moonlight rays. She knew better days are ahead and she knew that she was her best warrior. A hopeless romantic wouldn’t be one if she hadn’t known pain, but she wouldn’t be one if she hadn’t known how to love herself first too. She will forever be the moon child, growing with immense power everyday, to flourish the love she has within and let everything spring into life through the art she does. The clock strikes 3 am while she hummed her favourite song and snuggled into a sweet slumber and waltzing her way into her fantasy world. 
Friend #2: The year was 1920 and he walked down the busy aisle of King Henry’s Stairs lane, in a Prussian blue tux and a dark brown newsboy cap, his succulent lips holding a cigar and eyes narrowed as he scanned the place. Having no sight of the figure he was searching for, he made his way back, where he spotted a young couple walking hand in hand, laughter and love in the air. He froze as he saw the gentleman take the lady’s hand to twirl her around, because it yet again reminded him of the love of his life. It’s been three days since she went missing and every nerve in his bloody clenched with anger as he reached another dead end of finding her. He could not fathom of what happened to her and he knew he would get to the end of this. A child stumbled upon his legs to bring him back to his reality, when he suddenly spotted a woman being dragged by two men into an old building on the lane a little further away, and he couldn’t go wrong with those long black curly locks and dusky complexion. He sprung forward, one hand dangerously swinging his small-sword, anger brimming to ambush and slaughter the whole lot who laid hands on his most beloved. He thrashed open the door to only find blood marks hauntingly adorning the place. His scream echoed the whole building and the next moment, he was shocked to find himself awake, drenched in sweat, lying on his bed and his mobile cell ringing beside him. It was the year 2020, and as he was pulled out from his dream, he answered the call and heard Honey, you are late again, you better get going. Her voice sent a rush of relief through his body and all he could succumb to mutter groggily was I love you, to the love of his life, who was also a little confused and very far away from him, in another state, safe and sound. He spent a good few hours of his day venting out on his boxing bag as his hair tossed around in agony, trying to wash away the horrors the dream gave him. Being away from the love of your life was a hard thing to live through everyday but he knew he was inching towards the day he will finally see her and be able to twirl her around the place. It brought solace to share uncertainty with someone you love, hoping for the same future.
So there goes my descriptions, and yes I don’t know if its too hard to notice but both the characters is experiencing agony because of love but in different ways. I am not sure if I did a decent job with this because it is my first time, but you really need to start somewhere, eh? I really enjoyed writing them and have put a lot of thought in it and I would love to write these descriptions soon sometime. Do let me know if these descriptions reminded you of someone. Feel free to take forward this writing challenge and have fun blogging away. Toodles!  ~AS
Hello there! If you’ve reached so far and read my post, thank you and I hope you liked it. Do share your thoughts on the comments below and feel free to reach out to me on Instagram for more updates and posts. Wishing you a love filled weekend! ~amour infini

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