Nominated for Outstanding Blogger Award

I am so grateful to let you all know that I have been nominated for a blogger award, for the second time, for the Outstanding Blogger Award by Kriti, Kittu’s Modern Mixtape, in her post (read it here). I have known Kriti for quite some time now and she is one of the most talented, adorable and beautiful person I know. Therefore, to get this nomination from her means a lot to me, thank you so much, Kriti. Colton Beckwith is the original creator of this award and I would like to extend my thanks to them as well for creating it. Below mentioned are the guidelines/rules for the nominees accepting the award:

1. Provide the link to the creator’s original award post, (very important: see why in step 5)
2. Answer the questions provided
3. Create 7 unique questions
4. Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award’s creator, nor the blogger that nominated you can be nominated
5. At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award!

Here are my answers to Kriti’s questions:

  1. This year has been hard for all of us. What are some of the good things that came out of it for you? 

Ans: I love this question for many reasons. As I have written in my previous posts, 2020 has been the best and worst year for me, more than in ways I can explain. I am someone who always somehow try to see the brighter side of things even in my darkest days and when I fail to do that, there is always something you learn from the situation and that is definitely something you can take with you. 2020 gave me a very special and unique bond which I know will last. I got to travel with my best friend to one of the most beautiful cities in India, it was a dreamy experience. I got to finally start my writing blog. I was gifted with an angel of a baby cousin sister and I also realized who includes in my chosen family and how grateful I am to have them with me. 

     2. If your life was a biopic, what would the name of the film be?

Ans: I have never thought of this before and this might be the only question where I have brainstormed for an answer. I guess it would be The Bloody Sakura’s Journey, taking inspiration from my first blog post. 

     3. Rank your top 5 favourite songs of October

Ans: It is very difficult to choose favourites when it comes to music, but here are a few that I have been listening on repeat recently:

  • the lakes, Taylor Swift
  • Kahaani, When Chai Met Toast
  • perfume, mehro
  • Okay, Finding Hope
  • Boom Bam, Team Salut

    4. Link your best work.

Ans: I really cannot choose the best from my work but I am going to attach the link of something I wrote called Messy Growth because I really liked how it turned out to be and it is one of those messages I would like my readers to hold onto. Go check out: Messy Growth.

   5. Everybody has a comfort food. How do you cook yours? 

Ans: This is a very tough question to me because I LOVE food so very much and there is a range to my comfort food, alone. My comfort food also vary from different places and my moods. I also do not always cook my comfort food. So I am going to list down what food I have/crave when I have the following moods,

  • On my period (terrible mood swings): I usually like to have something sweet so I order in pancakes or ice-cream. 
  • When I’m homesick: I hail from Kerala and of course I crave to have God’s Own Country’s food. During my hostel days, because of my food cravings, I ended up making my friends drag me to a restaurant in Pune serving the yummiest Kerala food that tastes like home. Its usually Egg roast, Malabari Chicken curry or Sadhya (the whole meal). Hit me up if you want the recipe I use for Egg roast and Chicken curry, they are super easy!
  • Biriyani, Thai Curry and Pizza are certain specific cravings where nothing else than that can help me feel better.  
  • Now that I am home, my comfort food, or should I say drink, is coffee and I take my time to make that perfect cup of coffee. 

So as you can clearly see, I can keep going. I aspire to master in cooking all of them someday so that I can make it all at home. Do share if you have some easy and lip smacking recipes. This foodie’s heart will be filled. 

     6. What brings you instant gratification?

Ans: Quite a few things brings me instant gratification but the three things that tops the list would be; 

  • To be in an environment where I feel comfortable enough to be myself. That is where you see the crazy side and not a lot of people have witnessed it. These people are of course, with whom I can be my own self and who encourages me to grow to the best version of myself. 
  • Dancing has always been cathartic to me.
  • Food, of course, instantly lightens up my day. 

      7. Quick prompt: Write a 4-6 line poem or 200 words excerpt on anything that is around you right now.   

Ans: She hasn’t touched me for a while now
I see her looking at me occasionally
I no more no what goes on in her mind
Because she rarely spills it over my lonely pages
But I know what she’s waiting for
Waiting to write on me to celebrate
When finally the day comes
When the miracle happen
But till then I’ll watch over her
Being strong & seldom giving up
I hope she gets to fly
I hope she gets to fly.

Questions to my nominees:

  1. Write about three things that makes you very uncomfortable (thoughts/objects/ scenarios).
  2. Write to your readers about that one thing you are looking forward to in the near future.
  3. What do you think is the most wholesome part of a platonic relationship?
  4. Write a 5-10 lines bookish description about somebody you know and keep it anonymous.
  5. If you were to live in an Utopian land, describe what would it be like.
  6. Tell us about three lessons that you’ve learnt this year.
  7. If you were to have super powers according to your personality, what would it be and why?

So there you go, I really hope you like my questions and enjoy writing the answers to them. I had fun answering to Kriti’s questions and she has been very smart, coming up with such fun questions. It made me think a lot but most importantly, feel good. 

I hereby nominate the following blog writers to participate in this award:

  1. Crosswalk 
  2. Million Dreams
  3. Prerna’s Blog
  5. Awesomengers

Hello there! I hope you liked reading today’s post. Do feel free to connect with me on my Instagram page. Hope you have a great week ahead! Toodles xx

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Someone you will probably find twirling around talking about flowers, sunsets and the sky. Balancing on the rope of "no matter how high or low it is, even this shall pass', with the belief in the heart, "you are stronger than you ever know".

12 thoughts on “Nominated for Outstanding Blogger Award

      1. Thank you Anupriya for the nomination, but I’m sorry to say that I’m not writing more for nominations rather I prefer exchanging thoughts with each other and communicating with bloggers based on the write-ups, I really enjoyed it.


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