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In Distant Lands

Barefoot and holding hands
On a lonely street of the winter lands
Making misty hearts into the void
And capturing the perfect polaroid

Yodelling on the top of her voice
As he gazed at her with rejoice
It was love, the truest kind
And every distance was cruelly pined

Now in two different distant lands
Were born beautiful letters with love bands
Often decorated with tear blotches
And sometimes even perfumed notches

For these lovers, presents meant nothing
For whom it was worth everything
What was craved most was their presence
To experience it within a beautiful silence

And soon the day shall arrive
And with happiness they shall jive
With crimson flowers adorning her hair
And his laps would be her chair.


Hello, there! I was in the mood for some good old sappy-old-school love poem and I ended up with this. I really hope you liked it. Also, I am not a huge fan of the Valentine’s Day because I feel the celebrations are a bit overrated, BUT that cannot hide the fact that I am a total old-school romantic! So I have dedicated this month to write about the kind of love I believe in and maybe try to do some justice with it. Please feel free to connect with me on Instagram too. Thank you!


What That Matters

How many times have you had a one-on-one with your self? I am not talking about the voice in your head that you always talk to and go for “professional advice” but like actually sit down, look deep into your reflection and pour your heart out to the reflection in front of you?
I did this a few days back, and wow did it get messy!

One of the things I manifested for this year was to try being in a better space mentally and give my mental health priority above everything else. I am an individual driven by emotions, and therefore everything I do gets affected by them to a huge extend. This can both be a curse and boon. But I am slowly learning my ways to use it as a boon as much as I can. The solution is quite simple to state, but often difficult to do: prioritize yourself and your feelings above everything and anything else. I strongly believe that just like smiles, sadly even toxicity is contagious. If you’d have relationships (of any kind) that were toxic, I think the trauma that you’ve gone through take effects in ways that you might end up projecting the toxicity elsewhere to a different individual, even years after your experience. I recently read somewhere that every human being is capable of being toxic for someone at some point of time, but what matters is that you acknowledge this fact and work towards being a better person and mending your ways and most importantly, not letting toxic people near you (if you can help it), than living in ignorance. So it may be contagious, but definitely something we could fight against.

Recently, when I had the one-on-one conversation with myself, I felt like I emoted like never before in a very long time. To survive, I tend to shut myself off from certain emotions and that can only deepen the wound. The reflection looking back at me was scared, was exhausted, of trying and mending things and manifesting, but I could also see a very faint light peeping from behind those tired eyes. Those eyes wanted nothing less than what she deserved. Those eyes who will always believe in poetry and romance and love and miracles and hope and flawed beauty and in hard work. Those eyes who refuse to give in with the ways and norms of the society and would fight for what she truly believes in. Those eyes have a plan, and I want to believe in her because I love her and the plan. And for that faint light I see, I’ll keep going forward. Starting with, being more consistent on this blog, something I’ve been trying to do for a few months now. But of course, balancing writing and to have a peace of mind from where its all made can be a difficult thing to do. But what matters is that, the conversation helped and I know one of the healthiest ways to cope is to tap into your creative side. If nothing, you’d be contributing into the world of art.

I don’t know about you, but I truly believe that the future belongs the artists. With the pandemic, something that has been in a surge is how people have been creating art and sharing it with the world, and the act itself deserves all the love. It is only art that can save this world from complete misery and hopelessness. We are a generation of young artists of all kinds, trying to collect every faint light possible and to finally drive away that huge blob of darkness looming over us- even if that means making our own misery our strength, transforming it into art and connecting across the world. And through all this, trying to be better humans striving with love. If this isn’t powerful magic, I don’t know what is. With keeping all this in mind, I also think that it’s important to understand that while we tell ourselves that our experiences makes us stronger, it is also really important to acknowledge that a lot of the experience you might have would have been traumatic and it is okay not to be strong. We are all different in our own ways and that definitely is the case when it comes to reacting to our experiences too because we are all survivors of some kind. So if you are someone struggle with something or you’re around people struggling, do cheer for them and yourself for coping with it in all the ways you can do in the given situation.
So here’s to a year of more self-love and manifestations working out beautifully!



Oh Silence, You Again?

the first few surges of shyness welcomed
stolen glances and corner smirks
a young love bloomed through the days
a wintery night, the moon behind the clouds
fingers interwined and the air was heavy
I fell in love with silence, as I fell in love with you

pacing up and down the room
biting brittled nails; deafening rains
made it hard to be heard, or felt
but your undisturbed presence
holding my hand, diving into my eyes
silence became my calm, and you my faith

the thunders spoke for ourselves
my feet glued to the floor, I shuddered
your rage petrified me, as our eye wells filled
we both witnessed what our souls craved
to nuzzle each other, to put away the mess
silence became my enemy, and you my reality

when autumn embraced fallen leaves
I slumbered in our cozy balcony
with leaves rustling and assuring breeze
you joined, with a cup of coffee and a forehead kiss
and as our eyes played dalliance mercilessly
I found comfort in silence, and a lifetime in you

//silence was no stranger to her now


hello there! here goes the third poem from the Trinket Poetry Series and I really hope you liked it. Do let me know about your thoughts in the comments below or feel free to connect with me on Instagram. have a nice day! toodles! xx


TPS2: Pause, One More Time.



She was drowning, yet again
Gasping for breathe, for dear life
Like a battle she was forced into
Was it the seagulls screaming, she heard
Or the buzzing in the head that grew
Would she survive today, yet again?

She began counting in her head
And she finds herself in conflict doing so
She often asked herself why seven counts?
It was a number she clung onto
When her world went spiralling away

Her efforts to grab her escaping breathes
Were blanketed with the sweaty hands
Never sees one coming, these episodes
She felt like her frail heart would explode
And found herself often wishing it would
But well, she’s known to be a fighter

Her paralyzed limbs invited motion again
Closed her eyes, to find the familiar face
Her anchor, an angel prevailing
From where she’d guzzle strength
A faint smile and a heave of life
Chanting “a passing cloud” in her mind

//she will survive, for now.


 Hello there! I hope you’ve liked the second poem from the Trinket Poetry series that I have started recently. Do let me know about your thoughts in the comment section below and feel free to reach out to me on my Instagram page. Have a happy weekend. Toodles! xx


Nominated for Outstanding Blogger Award

I am so grateful to let you all know that I have been nominated for a blogger award, for the second time, for the Outstanding Blogger Award by Kriti, Kittu’s Modern Mixtape, in her post (read it here). I have known Kriti for quite some time now and she is one of the most talented, adorable and beautiful person I know. Therefore, to get this nomination from her means a lot to me, thank you so much, Kriti. Colton Beckwith is the original creator of this award and I would like to extend my thanks to them as well for creating it. Below mentioned are the guidelines/rules for the nominees accepting the award:

1. Provide the link to the creator’s original award post, (very important: see why in step 5)
2. Answer the questions provided
3. Create 7 unique questions
4. Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award’s creator, nor the blogger that nominated you can be nominated
5. At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award!

Here are my answers to Kriti’s questions:

  1. This year has been hard for all of us. What are some of the good things that came out of it for you? 

Ans: I love this question for many reasons. As I have written in my previous posts, 2020 has been the best and worst year for me, more than in ways I can explain. I am someone who always somehow try to see the brighter side of things even in my darkest days and when I fail to do that, there is always something you learn from the situation and that is definitely something you can take with you. 2020 gave me a very special and unique bond which I know will last. I got to travel with my best friend to one of the most beautiful cities in India, it was a dreamy experience. I got to finally start my writing blog. I was gifted with an angel of a baby cousin sister and I also realized who includes in my chosen family and how grateful I am to have them with me. 

     2. If your life was a biopic, what would the name of the film be?

Ans: I have never thought of this before and this might be the only question where I have brainstormed for an answer. I guess it would be The Bloody Sakura’s Journey, taking inspiration from my first blog post. 

     3. Rank your top 5 favourite songs of October

Ans: It is very difficult to choose favourites when it comes to music, but here are a few that I have been listening on repeat recently:

  • the lakes, Taylor Swift
  • Kahaani, When Chai Met Toast
  • perfume, mehro
  • Okay, Finding Hope
  • Boom Bam, Team Salut

    4. Link your best work.

Ans: I really cannot choose the best from my work but I am going to attach the link of something I wrote called Messy Growth because I really liked how it turned out to be and it is one of those messages I would like my readers to hold onto. Go check out: Messy Growth.

   5. Everybody has a comfort food. How do you cook yours? 

Ans: This is a very tough question to me because I LOVE food so very much and there is a range to my comfort food, alone. My comfort food also vary from different places and my moods. I also do not always cook my comfort food. So I am going to list down what food I have/crave when I have the following moods,

  • On my period (terrible mood swings): I usually like to have something sweet so I order in pancakes or ice-cream. 
  • When I’m homesick: I hail from Kerala and of course I crave to have God’s Own Country’s food. During my hostel days, because of my food cravings, I ended up making my friends drag me to a restaurant in Pune serving the yummiest Kerala food that tastes like home. Its usually Egg roast, Malabari Chicken curry or Sadhya (the whole meal). Hit me up if you want the recipe I use for Egg roast and Chicken curry, they are super easy!
  • Biriyani, Thai Curry and Pizza are certain specific cravings where nothing else than that can help me feel better.  
  • Now that I am home, my comfort food, or should I say drink, is coffee and I take my time to make that perfect cup of coffee. 

So as you can clearly see, I can keep going. I aspire to master in cooking all of them someday so that I can make it all at home. Do share if you have some easy and lip smacking recipes. This foodie’s heart will be filled. 

     6. What brings you instant gratification?

Ans: Quite a few things brings me instant gratification but the three things that tops the list would be; 

  • To be in an environment where I feel comfortable enough to be myself. That is where you see the crazy side and not a lot of people have witnessed it. These people are of course, with whom I can be my own self and who encourages me to grow to the best version of myself. 
  • Dancing has always been cathartic to me.
  • Food, of course, instantly lightens up my day. 

      7. Quick prompt: Write a 4-6 line poem or 200 words excerpt on anything that is around you right now.   

Ans: She hasn’t touched me for a while now
I see her looking at me occasionally
I no more no what goes on in her mind
Because she rarely spills it over my lonely pages
But I know what she’s waiting for
Waiting to write on me to celebrate
When finally the day comes
When the miracle happen
But till then I’ll watch over her
Being strong & seldom giving up
I hope she gets to fly
I hope she gets to fly.

Questions to my nominees:

  1. Write about three things that makes you very uncomfortable (thoughts/objects/ scenarios).
  2. Write to your readers about that one thing you are looking forward to in the near future.
  3. What do you think is the most wholesome part of a platonic relationship?
  4. Write a 5-10 lines bookish description about somebody you know and keep it anonymous.
  5. If you were to live in an Utopian land, describe what would it be like.
  6. Tell us about three lessons that you’ve learnt this year.
  7. If you were to have super powers according to your personality, what would it be and why?

So there you go, I really hope you like my questions and enjoy writing the answers to them. I had fun answering to Kriti’s questions and she has been very smart, coming up with such fun questions. It made me think a lot but most importantly, feel good. 

I hereby nominate the following blog writers to participate in this award:

  1. Crosswalk 
  2. Million Dreams
  3. Prerna’s Blog
  5. Awesomengers

Hello there! I hope you liked reading today’s post. Do feel free to connect with me on my Instagram page. Hope you have a great week ahead! Toodles xx


TPS1: the lass across my seat

this is the fourth time I’m seeing her
with the same blue trousers every time
I make sure I get the seat across her
to find her in her cosy corner, legs crossed
her nose usually behind a book
and her tiny hands holding a cup of tea

this is the fourth time I’m seeing her
letting the train rock her a lullaby
her lips curving into a weary smile
every time the sunlight peeps in
between the curtains, hitting her brown eyes
I wonder what goes on in her mind

fourth time; I notice her paint stained sleeves
and I know she notices my entry
but seldom I’ve had the honour for a glance
into those deep brown eyes
and just like that, as if she could read my mind
she looked up, dead into my face, and smiled

that smile was all that I needed
for my hands to work on the parchment
trying my best to do justice to what I saw
her glances soon turned into words,
then conversations flowed like a steady river
I found myself wishing to dive in the deepest.

//I’ll see her often from now


Hello there! I hope you liked the first poem from my Trinket Poetry Series that I have introduced. The whole point of this series is to challenge myself with words given to me from people, work on my spontaneity and of course, have a better engagement with the people reading my work. So a huge thanks to all of you. The theme given for this poem was curtains/ blue trousers/ sunlight/ parchment. This is the first of many, I have plenty to write, thanks to my readers for all the amazing words/themes. Do check out my Instagram to connect with me and my writing. Have a wonderful day ahead! Toodles! 


Messy Growth

To be brutally honest, I have lost count of the number of times I tried planning and executing today’s post. I tried writing several times and ended deleting them, because I was not satisfied with the content, or when my mental health took over me, I couldn’t find the strength to write anymore. I realized I was making a tedious task out of something that should be my escapism from everything that’s happening around me. Something that I passionately enjoy doing. But then, yet again, reading my best friend’s blog post (read it here), which was coincidently about what I am going through, it really gave me a better perspective( I am not surprised, The Shubster is amazing). So here I am, with better clarity and writing away.

Now when I say I have trouble writing, it is really not because I don’t have things to say, but because I have too many things fleeting around in my head, and I find it difficult to articulate the thoughts I have. I am going to let out these thoughts in the best way possible. What I am going to talk about in today’s post is, love, and how it motivates us to helps us grow, albeit quite messy, but always helping us grow.

A few days ago on my Instagram handle, I put up a question asking what motivates you to keep going in your lowest points in life. The responses I received were just wholesome. I was overjoyed to find what I was looking for- intimacy. I received purely intimate answers from people and not something that is vague and superficial, which you do come across a lot. Some of the responses (I am keeping them anonymous) that I got were:

  • the dose of dopamine I get after dancing.
  • the desire to make a difference in the world and the people I love.
  • music!
  • trying to focus on the present, try something grounding and hold onto good memories.
  • when its a sunny afternoon with a slight breeze and have dance parties all by myself.
  • looking towards a positive future, spending time (even virtual) with friends and families and dancing.

Now, a lot of you would have been able to resonate and relate with the above responses, just like I did, but each and every activity is super intimate for every individual. Not only they are intimate, but also overpowering in many ways. The thought that the same activity done by two different individuals, is going to be unique in their own ways because of their intimacy attached to it, seemed just so comforting to me. No one is going to dance like you do in you room blasting music, maybe crying or maybe laughing. I see it in a way that you are in fact personifying that very act by giving it your own emotions. Nobody must have known how you went through those difficult nights, but the music you listen to will know, the dance you do will show and the friends/family you share them with will feel. But in the end, it is exclusively yours to own, and when you own your difficult days, you also own all the growth and better days too.

You can always find inspiration and motivation in something, but to finally do the deed of pushing yourself is completely in your hands. For someone who has been feeling that whatever I am doing in the present, let it be anything, is not good enough, the fact that I have my growth for myself gives me a different perspective. Because your personal growth is something nobody can take away from you, and it is special no matter how messy and beautiful it might seem. It is yours and you might as well own it.

The image featured in this post, the beautiful lotus from my grandmother’s little pond, wasn’t exclusively chosen for today’s post but coincidentally, but I love the meaning it has to contribute. Someone very special to me once said that I remind them of a lotus. I really didn’t know why and when asked, they answered, lotuses grow in muddy water, and they need the muddy water to grow, but they grow so gracefully and there is nothing like its beauty when you see it float above the water. Well, I am yet to really digest what the person had to tell me, but I completely love the concept and genuinely want to own it, because the growth is mine to own and just like a lot of you out there. I am learning, everyday, so I guess I can also tell you to embrace your growth, through all the muddy water, weed and insects. I feel in the end you the result is going to be extra-ordinarily beautiful. And with that thought, you can be a lotus or anything that you want to be, but hold on to your true self. I am going to hold onto this thought, and I hope you do too.


hey there! if you’ve reached so far and have read the whole post, thank you so much, it means a lot to me. I really hope you like it and could take something out of it. feel free to connect with me on Instagram, to share your thoughts. do let me know how you feel about the post in the comments below. hope you have a beautiful week ahead! toodles!


An Ode to My Fellow Survivors

I was drowning, fast and deep

Into this abyss of unpleasantness

Eerily existing in and around me

Even the skies failed to calm my nerves down

If only, those skies existed in another world

Where I’d exist, but without misery

For a so-called expressive face

My face didn’t say much these days

I find myself reminding to breathe

If only, I could replace the air with fragrance

The fragrance that reminded me of home

Home; a feeling where I felt safe

A feeling, I wasn’t familiar of anymore

Infinite floral yards to run through

And across the field you’ll find gladly

The people you love, healthy & blissful

You can join me to my fantasy land

Without hesitation and fear

For you can run free and wild

Without the fear of monsters waiting to leap

To claim what’s rightly yours

To establish their reeking privileged power

No, you won’t need to fear them no more

You won’t need to bid goodbye to your dreams

No one would tell you to stay in the bubble

The so-called protective bubble,

Where you feel the most unsafe and stifled 

You can build a new world with me

I cant promise evil won’t prevail

But, at the end of the day, we shall win

Because we shall have justice served, rightfully

And a place where our heads will be a little at peace

Manipulation and micro-managing cannot exist here

Because you shall be your own ruler, and lead your way

Free to make mistakes and most importantly, learn

Learn to your heart’s content 

And wait to see where it takes you; your destination

You will be the only one responsible for your journey

Hmmm, truly seems like a fantasy now?

So what do you say, fellow survivor…

Want to join me in my imperfectly perfect land?


Hello there! If you liked this poem, please let me know in the comments below and thank you for reading. For someone who has been in a difficult state of mind for the longest time now, this poem speaks volumes from me. Something tells me, there are others who might connect to it too. Feel free to connect with me on Instagram. Have a wonderful day! 


Phoenix Beauty

Not a day passes by adoring
As I watch you in awe
Strutting through hurdles
Your head held high, fearless
Oh your Highness, you are art
In walking, living and dreaming

Mother Luna’s child, I’ve faith in you
In restoring magic in this barren land
With your brazen motives
And impeccable style of accomplishing them
The world is blessed with your presence
And let me stay to show you the truth

You grace through storms with valour
Seldom hesitant to vanquish evil
Holding on to the ones dear to you
We shall always celebrate you, queen
I know the skies will always clear for you
Because, you darling, has the strength to wait

To find a shooting star is rare
Just like I found a soul sister in you
Let’s celebrate dreams together
And set our milestones at a time
And I’ll still watch you, in awe
As you twirl away spreading sparkles


It is my best friend, Shubhangi’s birthday(go wish her at The Shubster Diaries) and as a part of her birthday gift, I chose to write a poem inspired by her and for her, because she is truly a living art herself. Thanks to the pandemic, I am unable to do everything i wish I could have done, but I guess expressing through art is just our way of showing how much we love each other. I hope she likes it and I hope you do too. Toodles! 

Feel free to connect with me on Instagram and follow the page to stay updated. Thank you!


Mystery Blogger Award

A couple of weeks ago I was surprised to find that I was nominated for my very first blogger award. Just being a few weeks old in the blogging community, I never saw this coming and I was immensely happy when I got to know that my best friend, The Shubster Diaries, was also nominated for the same award. I thank the blogger, Karunya who runs the blog Million Dreams, for nominating me and giving me this opportunity to participate. For a new blogger like me, being nominated to such an award is very inspiring, especially when a lot of things around us do not seem to be very motivating in life.

The Mystery Blogger Award was originally created by Okoto on their blog @Okoto Enigma’s Blog, who’s aim was to ‘create a friendly community and build a link between bloggers in the blogosphere‘. He explains the award as an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion. For a young blogger like me, awards like these are very helpful and inspiring because, not only does it let my writing get some recognition, but I also get the opportunity to discover and recognize so many talented bloggers from the community. 

If you have read my previous posts, I have mentioned how it took me time to put out my writing because for the longest time I thought it wasn’t good enough to be put out in a platform. Later I realized that if i want to support a particular community, it is important to be a part of the community and get involved. Artists coming together for other artists is one of the most wholesome things I have seen lately and I have always tried to spread artist’s  work, let it be of any kind of art, because their hard work, imagination and determination deserves all the recognition, especially when we are living in an era where social media can be our biggest help and greatest enemy too. That is why I feel awards like these play a huge role in the growth of the blogging community. 



  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention Okoto Enigma, the creator of the award.
  • Tell your readers three things about yourself.
  • Answer five questions from the nominee
  • Nominate 10-20 bloggers.
  • Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees five questions of your choice, including one weird or funny question.
  • Share the link to your best post. 


I have never known Karunya before she commented on my posts about the award nomination. She seemed very sweet and supportive and as a fellow writer, I see a lot of potential in her. Dear Karunya, I will forever remember this nomination because it is really special to me as it is my very first one. I hope we both continue to grow and inspire ourselves and other bloggers in the community. 


  1. If not writing, another art form that I have been doing since the time I can remember is dancing. Dancing, to me, is not just a passion but a way emote and express. I have always been thrilled to learn as many as dance form as possible, till my limbs physically stop functioning. 
  2. I would call myself a foodie as I love trying different cuisines, and well, just eating. Hailing from Kerala, my taste buds have a really high standard. I am that friend who is always up for eating. 
  3. I am a really observant person, sometimes I can seem very inattentive but oops, I might be scanning the whole place, sir. 


  1. What is your weakness? ~ Being an ambivert, I love being in my own company and enjoy it, but I HAVE to be in touch with a selected few people from time to time. Relationships mean a lot to me, and for the same reason, communication is very important for me. I understand everyone has their own language of communication and I make a note of them since the beginning. When I see a change in this language of communication, sometimes I panic and obsess on trying to find out the reason and fix things. 
  2. If you could only buy 3 things, what would they be? ~ I am not sure if I could pin down to just three things but firstly, I would buy a ticket to go to a place where my heart lies, secondly get a really cosy and comfy apartment for myself and use the rest of the money to travel later. Yes, I like to save.
  3. What’s the one song that actually gets you? ~  I have a few, but as my close people already know, its Say You Wont Let Go, by Arthur James. This song carries a lot of good memories and being a hopeless romantic it brings me peace to picture that perfectly imperfect glimpse in my mind. It is a song that puts me to peace it my lowest times. 
  4.  If you’re given the chance to be one person, who would you like to be?~ This one’s easy, I would always choose to be myself. As much as I take inspirations from other individuals, I also believe that each one of us is unique and we have the power to provide different versions of ourselves; good or bad, you choose. I would always embrace change and try to be a better individual as much as I can, but I will always stay true to myself.
  5. How has the pandemic changed your life? ~ I personally think the pandemic in itself is a change for the whole world. Everybody has experienced some kind of changes when it comes to their lifestyles and personal experiences. For me, this year started off great, I have had the best things happened to me and it continues to be that way. Yes, it has been a very difficult year, where I have seen myself at the lowest, but between trying to fight with what’s in my head and not lose myself in breaking down, I also cherish what I now have in life and i hold them very dear and close. I also realized where a few people stand in my life and how I am now okay with things changing. Although I hate the uncertainty, I am grateful for all the positives in my life and cannot wait for what the future has in store for me, because I now I know I am going to make the best of all the time given to me. 


I have not published a lot of posts as it has just been over a month that I have been blogging now. I honestly love them all because for every post, the emotions are different and I have put a lot of work and thought into it, but if I had to choose one, I would choose: The Bloody Sakura, my very first post and a poem that carries mysterious beauty. 


From the few connections I have made in the past one month, I have witnessed some amazing content with beautiful different perspectives. Please check out their blogs to see what they have written, because they are all amazing and deserve it;

  1. The Bora Booktique by Ankita Bora
  2. Piya’s Rising Sun
  3. Kittu’s Modern Mixtape
  4. Rtistic by Arati Banstola
  5. valerynangulablog
  6. Awesomengers
  7. besondersite by Prerna
  8. The Horizon by Navneet
  9. New Lune 
  10. Bombay Ficus


  1. What has been that one thing you were scared of in your childhood but overcame the fear as you grew up?
  2. If there were three things you could tell your younger self, what would they be?
  3. Describe any one crazy scenario you made up while day dreaming.
  4. Which is that one song that you cannot stop yourself from moving around?
  5. What are three life lessons that you always hold tight to?

This post has been a very new experience for me and I would like to once again thank Karunya for that. It has made me think at many places and was absolutely fun to write. Looking forward to see the nominees posting their writings too. So glad I could connect to you all on this platform, each one of you are amazing in your own way and your work stand out. Hope you never stop writing. Toodles!


 Hello there! Hope you have read my post. Feel free to connect with me and have conversations on writing on Instagram, your comments are always welcome. Hope you have a great day! 


Bookish Description Of My Friends

I was immensely thrilled when my best friend, The Shubster Diaries, nominated me for this challenge of writing Bookish Description of Friends in her post where she chose to include a bookish description of me (go check out her post now!). I thoroughly enjoyed reading her post because I always wondered what it would be if anyone described me as a bookish character and well, Shubhangi was a step ahead to let me know. I love the concept because, I am sure just like many people out there, I have also imagined how it would be if certain people would be from inside a book, or if I could be described as a character from a book, and yes that is possible. I think any bookish character description is fascinating because you experience how the character is formed by the authors point of view, with minute observations that a normal person wouldn’t really notice, and you also get to unwind the person’s character as you go further into the story. I am going to keep the following descriptions anonymous but feel free to do guesses, yay. I also urge every other blogger reading this post to take up this challenge and go crazy with your descriptions, would love to read them. 
Friend #1: She lay on her periwinkle blanket, her soft waves of hair ruffling a little with the breeze she let in to embrace her through her open window. Fighting back tears and an excruciating headache, sometimes she found herself tired of being the ever so enthusiastic bubbly self to everyone around her. She aced in lifting everyone’s spirits when she had to, but failed in doing the same for herself. She looked out the window, watching the moon’s silhouette dancing, hidden among all those clouds, let out a hand forward as she wanted to reach out the sky, while her other hand firmly gripped on her camera. The wait to see Mother Luna reflected on her life as the wait she did to be treated rightly, with the love she deserved. Even behind all those questions she imposed on herself, deep down she really wished she wasn’t taken for granted, because she knew she was someone who must be treated with royalty, but from one’s heart. Her hazel brown feline eyes sparkled when the moon finally decided to come out of the clouds and a smile lingered on her tired, beautiful lips. She sprung into action, passionately wanting to capture Mother Luna’s beauty through her camera lenses. As she triumphed in managing to get the best shots, her heart raised and she was overwhelmed with the moonlight rays. She knew better days are ahead and she knew that she was her best warrior. A hopeless romantic wouldn’t be one if she hadn’t known pain, but she wouldn’t be one if she hadn’t known how to love herself first too. She will forever be the moon child, growing with immense power everyday, to flourish the love she has within and let everything spring into life through the art she does. The clock strikes 3 am while she hummed her favourite song and snuggled into a sweet slumber and waltzing her way into her fantasy world. 
Friend #2: The year was 1920 and he walked down the busy aisle of King Henry’s Stairs lane, in a Prussian blue tux and a dark brown newsboy cap, his succulent lips holding a cigar and eyes narrowed as he scanned the place. Having no sight of the figure he was searching for, he made his way back, where he spotted a young couple walking hand in hand, laughter and love in the air. He froze as he saw the gentleman take the lady’s hand to twirl her around, because it yet again reminded him of the love of his life. It’s been three days since she went missing and every nerve in his bloody clenched with anger as he reached another dead end of finding her. He could not fathom of what happened to her and he knew he would get to the end of this. A child stumbled upon his legs to bring him back to his reality, when he suddenly spotted a woman being dragged by two men into an old building on the lane a little further away, and he couldn’t go wrong with those long black curly locks and dusky complexion. He sprung forward, one hand dangerously swinging his small-sword, anger brimming to ambush and slaughter the whole lot who laid hands on his most beloved. He thrashed open the door to only find blood marks hauntingly adorning the place. His scream echoed the whole building and the next moment, he was shocked to find himself awake, drenched in sweat, lying on his bed and his mobile cell ringing beside him. It was the year 2020, and as he was pulled out from his dream, he answered the call and heard Honey, you are late again, you better get going. Her voice sent a rush of relief through his body and all he could succumb to mutter groggily was I love you, to the love of his life, who was also a little confused and very far away from him, in another state, safe and sound. He spent a good few hours of his day venting out on his boxing bag as his hair tossed around in agony, trying to wash away the horrors the dream gave him. Being away from the love of your life was a hard thing to live through everyday but he knew he was inching towards the day he will finally see her and be able to twirl her around the place. It brought solace to share uncertainty with someone you love, hoping for the same future.
So there goes my descriptions, and yes I don’t know if its too hard to notice but both the characters is experiencing agony because of love but in different ways. I am not sure if I did a decent job with this because it is my first time, but you really need to start somewhere, eh? I really enjoyed writing them and have put a lot of thought in it and I would love to write these descriptions soon sometime. Do let me know if these descriptions reminded you of someone. Feel free to take forward this writing challenge and have fun blogging away. Toodles!  ~AS
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Your Comfort Coffee

I wasn’t really sure of what I will write for today’s post given that the last couple of weeks have been intolerably hectic and seemed never ending. My mind has been a messy space because I could not take time, or felt guilty for doing things that made me feel better when I felt anxious. I am sure that every single person reading this might find some kind of discomfort everyday where they are not really sure of how to make use of the time they have. Maybe there are way too many thoughts or maybe the mind is just spotless blank, or maybe your mind jumps from both these phases time to time and you find that very conflicting. Messy, right? Today’s post might seem like a journal entry because I am just going to concentrate on how I am feeling and through the process, remind you to do the same too. It is a weird lifestyle we all are living in right now. Most of the conversations I have with a selected few people everyday is only about them and I wishing for a better tomorrow, where we know all we can do, apart from staying indoors and keeping safe, is to look forward to better days. I find myself not wanting to live in the present, because right now it seems to be the most difficult thing to do, to wait and get through the storm, when you are unsure of when the storm will end. And so, I find myself fishing out memories which I hold so dear and close to my heart to find comfort in, to rely on, while chanting in my head ‘even this shall pass’, because do we really have a choice?

It is funny how the future, which I have no idea of, feels more comforting than the present, because I miss feeling spontaneous in life. A friend comes down to the gate and asks for a walk? I’m up. Want to order ice-cream at ungodly hours? I’m up. Want to randomly play songs in the room and dance? I’m up. Want to go for a long drive to have chai? I’m up. Want to go for an impromptu brunch on a lazy Sunday? I sure am up for it. Being at home, being forced to stay in a routine to keep going has had me exhausted. And when we find ourselves not being able to break the cycle, sometimes even if we are at our lowest, we tend to do something out of the blue to help you get that adrenaline rush. Otherwise, people try to find their own coping mechanisms (some may not be very healthy, ahem), to deal with the situation. It has me thinking how important it is to turn towards anything that comforts you and not feel guilty about doing it, because at that particular point, it helped you survive. Every single day I am amazed to see people around me (virtually, duh) having another difficult day of sorts and still reaching out to someone they love because they want to just be there. It is impossible to make up for their physical absence in my life, or mine in theirs, but it is heart-warming to see how they are mature enough to understand when one of us goes to seek the comfort zone. It’s not like we didn’t do this little escapism pre-pandemic, but doing that while you are away from your closed ones and still having them understand you means a lot because sadly we only get to see them through social media platforms.

 It all comes down to giving yourself time. Time to process the present and the change, time to engage with your thoughts, time to accept things as they come, time to heal, time to be okay with the uncertainty, time to let things unfold and time to let yourself just be without worrying or feeling guilty for being unproductive. Sometimes giving time is the easiest and the hardest thing to do.  And while you do it, do not hesitate from drinking your perfect cup of coffee, or reading that unfinished book, or watching a series in your own pace, moving around the room blindfolded guided by your favourite music, going for a long ride while its drizzling, or just existing in your comfort space where you are comfortable with your thoughts and yourself. It is easier said than done, but I guess we all could try one day at a time, yeah? And while you do, remember that you are worthy, and that everything eventually makes sense. If not, there is always something that you have learnt. Here is hoping that each one of you, and I, find our comfort space when we need to. Cheers. 


Soar Away

I wish to experience sunsets at the beach
Little waves embracing my worn out feet,
As they slightly sink into the dampness
Of the sand, and the lurking familiarity
A frail old man selling cotton candy
Feeling the salt breeze through my curls
To watch the sea gulls find their way home
I’d feel at home then, and soar away

I wish to find a cozy corner
In a not-so-crowded, endearing café
My head behind a book, sipping coffee
But secretly watching the toddler eyeing me
Exchanging a smile or maybe a handshake
His laughter ringing in my mind,
My way back, in the risky rickshaw ride
I’d feel at home then, and soar away

I wish to go on long walks
With a companion or without
Witnessing the skies changing hues
And the busy life just pass by me
I’d watch people of every kind
While i sipped in an overly sweet cup of tea
Inhaling the warmth the place offered
I’d feel at home then, and soar away

I wish to assemble in front of the huge mirror
My weary reflection staring back
Alone, I’d soulfully glide around the room
Emotions taking over me, gulping the silence
Another day, the same room but crowded
Spirit overflowing in abundance
Failing & falling, but only with a smile
I’d feel at home then, and soar away



A Gratitude Note

There goes a saying that ‘the most life turning events happen to you when you least expect it’. Although there have been many instances in life to vouch for the above statement, it is funny how I started on this writing blog, during what I could highlight as the most struggling phase of  my life. I thought a lot about what I am going to write about in my first article of the blog, and because i miserably failed (a natural indecisive Libra), I decided I would write about the present. The present, where everything is not rainbows and unicorn and in fact, it is quite the thunderstorm here. What I wanted to highlight through this post is that it amuses me how with the worst, you are able to see the best around you too. And I cannot be more grateful for everything that brings the best out of me and around me. This piece of writing is dedicated to everyone and everything I am grateful for, and to remind my readers to look around and to find what brings you solace.

For someone who has been writing journals since her teenage years, writing has always been an activity where I form a space which is personal and brutally honest. And that is exactly what I would like to carry onto my blog too, to keep it simple and honest. That said, everyone close to me knows that starting this blog was super impulsive, because life felt so morbid that I wanted to do something spontaneous, to finally get that urge of doing something new, which would bring a new routine to my life. Planning of the blog started more than a year ago, where my best friend, after reading some of my work, screamed in my face that I had to start a writing blog. I really wanted to, but I had my own battle going on in my head with a lot of self-doubt and how I will never be enough. The conflict was with my other voice in the head which said ‘but honey, you won’t know unless you try’. This went on for a year, completing other commitments too on the way, but if it has not been obvious, the year has not been so kind to any of us. The irony of it all is that I started this blog when I have been feeling my lowest. I realised that sometimes, we cannot keep waiting for things to get easier or better in life with time, sometimes we should just seize the day and get what you want. Own the time you have. And that is how I spontaneously started it, super scared about the outcome, well honestly, I still type with shaky hands. I am still paranoid about a lot of things regarding this writing space, but I must admit that a little bit of it fade away every time I post something here. So I guess we are on the right track, eh?

This was supposed to be a gratitude note because just attempting to get over this fear is a huge accomplishment for me and I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for a few people in my life. Gratitude comes naturally when you realise the value of certain things and people in your life. There have been times when I have felt the lowest and did not want to communicate with anyone through any source, but some of them did nothing but stayed to let me know that I was not alone. I don’t think words will suffice to let them know how grateful I am for their existence in their life. I am sure a lot of you must have experienced this, that in your toughest times, you find the people who has always been real to you, who wants to see you grow, and as much as they hate to see you suffer, they let you have your space, guarding behind the walls you’ve built to recover from your experiences. If you have such people, or just ONE person like that in your life, then I must say you are lucky. Hold onto them, because in today’s world, it is not easy to have a support system who genuinely wishes for your well being and growth. As the world is fighting a pandemic, it is obvious that everyone is going through a difficult time, and naturally I feel guilty for burdening others with my experiences. People around me (virtually, of course), have taught me otherwise, that it is okay to be there for each other while you’re both in a difficult time too. I love the balance that I carry with these certain few and it is beyond wholesome to have someone to genuinely give an ear out to you while you do the same to them. 

 I have always been a person who gives; gives attention, effort, care, a helping hand, love and everything I can to a person who means a lot to me, most of the time not expecting anything back, to be very honest. But it is not even funny the number of times people have walked over me and just left for no reason at all or taken me for granted. And at this point in life? I am grateful to all of them too, for showing me that I am so much more worthy than their toxic behaviour and I deserve, if not more, definitely equal to what I give in. And I know there are so many people out there just like me. Difficult situations in your life, where there may be moments when you’re trying so hard to breathe normally, definitely breaks you, but at the same time it has somehow made me stronger than ever too. The confidence I have now to say this out loud did not come easy, in fact I have come a long way from taking all the blame to realising I was not wrong at all in the first place. They also taught me to always keep a distance from people like them. So see? We do learn a lot from every kind of individual. 

Some of my favourite quotes and phrases told to me by people who are the most dearest to me and which are etched in the deepest part of my heart are: ‘it is what it is’, ‘you are stronger than you will ever know’, ‘this too shall pass’, ‘everything happens for a reason’. Life has been a lot easier since I started understanding and soulfully believing what these statements truly have to convey. I am grateful to my family for several reasons that I cannot reveal at this point, because they have a huge part in the person I have become today. I have learnt the do’s and most importantly the do not’s from them and I cannot be more grateful, because that is what I am going to take forward in my life while I build a world of my own. Lastly, I am grateful to myself, for fighting through all of this and not giving up even on the days I’ve been dancing on a thread. It is important to introspect and realise what relationship you have with yourself. Honestly, mine is conflicting. Just an hour back I was questioning myself for a lot of things. But what I see as most important is that by the end of the day you try to go through everything and always prioritise yourself over everything. You are your strongest soldier and no matter what your support system is, they will only be the cherry on the top of the cake, but your life decisions and actions driven with love is what makes the cake. I am grateful to myself for having this realisation. This year has been the most difficult one for a lot of us, but I must say this year has been the best for me in many aspects with the highest achievements in life; achievements that matter the most.



Crimson Scars

She, a mysterious moon child

Living in the shadows, wailing

Her smile screaming insecurities she borne; 

She was no perfection in the world’s eyes

Her innocence blanketed with aggression

Covering her body with shame

As she was scorned upon

Unable to witness her innate worth 

She, a mysterious moon child

Bearing lightening scars on her body

Too heavy for some

Too weak for others

And when pronounced a beauty

Her mirror image hung her head in shame

She was no good to a world

Who labelled beauty in a rigid box

She, a mysterious moon child

Struggled with a bleeding open wound

Her efforts in healing was in vain

Unceasingly stabbed by the near and dear

Unaware of the tremendous beauty she was

Time played fairy godmother

And she grew unfazed to the worldly beauty chimes

She journeyed to embracing her raw imperfections

She, a mysterious moon child 

Grew to flaunting her crimson scars

That adorned her dark skin, with pride

Like the silver lining on the clouds

Because how can the world not see

That Luna herself bore innumerable blemishes 

And the mother reminds all her children

That war marks aren’t to be hidden, but flourished.



You Dream On.

Trailing through the golden field 

I ran behind a precious six year old

The skies above us stained with periwinkle

Her laughter echoing through the place

I wished to see her soar high above

And fought the fear that lingered in me

No monstrous hands dare pull her down

My beautiful angel, you dream on. 

Her imaginations keeps me amused forever

So much that i can see the whole galaxy in her eyes

As she enthralled to cross the meadows

Because her dreams kept her calling

I wished to cling onto my sweet child

And whisper to her as i shield her 

About the cruel world that lures injustice

To cradle her, chanting strength and not lullabies 

You rest in me

And rest those petal eyes 

Away from the horrors of the world

I’ll blanket you

With fairy folklores

Where the princess slays the dragon

Because darling, the world is a cruel place

But i want you to strive on 

Strive on, to capture what’s far away

And seldom let anyone tell you otherwise

What terrifies you? Let be your strength 

What consoles you? Let be your hope

May nothing stop those innocent feet

From dancing around to harmony

Find glory with the marvelous grace you are

And my darling, you dream on.



A Silhouette

In a dim lit room she lay listening

To the scary silence, beckoning

The untouched, stained coffee mug

Crumbled papers, in a corner rug

Floors smeared with gouache paint

Her eyes seemed faint

Golden hour rays did no justice

To her bloodshot face, a failed apprentice.

The only movement made

When she curled up into a fetus

Wanting to be a speck that was unheard

Wanting to experience a hiatus

Did her paintings and art

Scream self-love?

Because she valiantly tried, but

Alas! They seemed far from love

She reached out to him

She reached out to her

Her agony knew no bounds of grim

As her mind was let aloof like a feather

Unwanted and untouched and filthy

Painting grief on her tainted canvas

Holding onto her dreams she will be

Finding shelter in her newly washed pyjamas

She liked the deadly exterior silence

As her interior screamed with chaos

Her heart yearned for vengeance

Because loving too much was her only loss

But she lay there calmly

Soaking in the last few rays

Of the sun and her hope, scarcely

She, a silhouette, not for your gaze



The Bloody Sakura

Kohled eyes, uncombed hair

Not from a fairytale

 A distant dream,

Forbidden to further sail

An angry, silent, resting hurricane

Her poise ever so poisoning

In a body so familiar with scars

Carrying stillness in her

Away from bloody wretched hands

Stillness; that knew wars and the cries

 An avalanche of emotions

Tumbling down scattered

Into the bloody pond that overflowed

Her reflection rippling

And the soul almost fading

Drenched in beautiful despondence

Winds adorned her hair

With cherry blossoms that blew in

From the tree she embraced

To casket her life in safe.